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How To Book

Private events are booked by placing a $250 refundable deposit to secure your desired date and time (after availability is confirmed by the studio).


Deposits are refunded the first business day after the event if the minimum headcount was met. The minimum requirement for a private event are as follows: Monday-Wednesday - 10 paid seats and Thursday-Sunday - 15 paid seats. A host may also elect to apply the deposit, partially or in full, to other party charges or individual seats.

Private Party Cancellation - While we regret to lose the opportunity to paint with you, our party reschedule/cancellation policy is in place to protect the professional artists who are booked specifically for your event.

*We firmly require a minimum of 14 business days’ (M-F) notice of cancellation/reschedule before your party date to grant a deposit refund or rescheduled date. A deposit placed with less than 14 business days’ notice will not be eligible for either a refund or a reschedule.

What's Included

We want your event to be fun, organized and effortless. We provide you with all the supplies needed for a party, including our helpful artist(s) to host and guide your guests through the event. We include all of your art supplies as well as a bar in studio where guests can purchase beverages.

Private Party Room

In-studio parties will have an entire room to themselves, with plenty of space for all guests. You are welcome to bring food and decorations.

Art Supplies

Canvases, brushes, paints, palettes, aprons and anything else needed to finish a masterpiece. We also have a designated area to keep purses and coats.

Professional Instruction

Our instructors are professional artists themselves, and they are well-trained in making the painting process simple and enjoyable for painters of all skill levels. Everyone gets step-by-step instructions at a comfortable pace.

Ice, Ice Buckets, Water

Our bar in studio has something for everyone! Guests may purchase wine, beer, coffee, sodas and bottled water throughout the event. We also have an ice machine if needed, however, we do not provide ice buckets. Unfortunately, Oklahoma state laws do not allow "Bring Your Own Beverage" BYOB.


Our bar provides glassware and everything you need for all your beverage essentials. We offer wine, beer, coffee, sodas, and bottled water at our bar in studio.


We'll have a crowd-pleasing playlist ready for you. Or, you can tell us what sort of music you'd like for your event and we'll tailor a playlist to your needs. And don't worry – we make sure the music doesn't get in the way of hearing the artist's instructions.

Food And Drinks

You're welcome to bring in any food you'd like to snack on during class. We recommend finger foods, as not to have anything large get in the way of your painting. You'll have counter space for food or gifts. We provide paper plates, napkins, and plastic utensils.

Event Details

Unless you've worked out other arrangements with us, doors will open 30 minutes before painting starts. This gives guests time to arrive, settle in and socialize, and gives the host time to set up food or other items for the party.

Painting Selection

Please provide your top five (5) desired paintings. We'll always try to make sure you get your first choice; but depending on artist availability we may select one of the other top choices. You can view our full Painting Library here:

You don't have to choose a painting in order to book an event; once we receive your deposit, we will provide you with a date that we will need your top painting choices.

Our painting library is huge! If you need assistance choosing the right painting for your group, just get in touch with us. We've hosted quite a few events and can help you narrow it down.

Ready To Get Started?

We look forward to working with you to put together your next party! It's simple and easy so let's get started!

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