Frequently Asked Questions

Cancellation policy

Due to the custom nature of our classes, ALL reservation sales are FINAL. However, if you need to change your class reservation we can give you a class credit back to our studio for a future class.

Do I need to know anything about art?

Not at all! Our artists provide easy, step-by-step instructions to help everyone produce a great finished product.

What does the cost include?

The cost includes all the art supplies you'll need and 2-3 hours of painting instruction from an artist.

Can we bring drinks?

You may not bring in alcoholic drinks. Strong beer and wine are available for purchase at the bar in the studio. We also have non-alcoholic beverages available for purchase as well. All guests who wish to consume alcoholic drinks must be 21+.

Can I show up early?

Please do! Most guests arrive 15-20 minutes early to get settled and start on their first drink.

Can I show up late?

Painting starts promptly, so you'll have to catch up on your own if you arrive late.

Is there an age requirement?

Public studio events are 10+. Children 6+ are permitted if accompanied by an adult.

What is paint and sip?

Paint and sip events combine social drinking with painting. Our paint and sip studio offers strong beer and wine. Everyone gets a canvas and follows an artist's instructions to recreate the featured painting on their own canvas. Paint and sip is not a serious art course - it's about socializing and having FUN!

Can we bring food?

Absolutely! We reccomend finger foods, just to make it easy.

Do you have space for food?

Yes, but space is limited. Refrigeration is not available.

How do I register a group?

On the event page, select the number of people you want to add in the box next to the Register button. If you want to host a private paint and sip party, get in touch with us at 405-310-1755 or

This is my first time; what should I expect?

Expect a relaxed, fun atmosphere - there's no pressure to be Van Gogh! We provide everthing, including aprons to protect your clothes and a paint-free space for your purse or coat.

What is a Date Night painting?

You and your date will paint separate canvases; when place together, your canvases will match up to create one picture.

Can I just come in and paint whenever?

Our studio is only open during scheduled events. At times though those events may be Open Studio time. Please check the calendar for events.

What is Open Studio?

At Open Studio events, you get all the supplies needed to paint, but there is no featured painting. You can choose an image from our painting library, or paint whatever you want. There's no formal instruction, but artists may be on hand to help.

Can I come and watch, but not paint?

Everyone in the studio during the event must pay the full seat price.

Can I bring my baby?

No. Babies and small children are a distraction for other guests and make it hard to hear the artist's instructions. Most studios won't be able to accommodate a stroller or car seat next to your seat.

Do I have to paint what it shows?

Not at all. Most people paint the featured painting, but if you want to paint something entirely different, go for it! We just want you to have fun.

What happens if a class is canceled due to bad weather?

You'll receive a full refund or class credit redemable at the same studio along with a 25% discount off your next class.

I want to register, but not pay in advance.

Payment is required at the time of registration to guarantee a seat.

How do I pay in cash?

When you purchase items in-studio, like frames or wine glasses, you can pay with cash. You can't pay for paint and sip events with cash because advanced registration is required.

How do I get my discount code or use my gift certificate?

When you register for an event, there's a place to add discount codes and gift certificates right above the Proceed to Checkout button.

Can I get a discount?

The best way to get discounts is to sign up for the Pinot Perks rewards program. You'll receive occasional discounts by email, and you can earn free paint and sip events! Sign up at

Left credit card or unsigned receipts

All unsigned receipts not returned to bartender or credit cards unredeemed at end of party will occur a 20% charge

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